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Guitar Amplification

700-watt Active Speaker System - 15" Subwoofer and 2x10" Satellites

The MATRIX-1000 V2 is a complete sound reinforcement solution comprising of two 10” two-way satellites, a dedicated 15” subwoofer and a built-in three-channel 700-watt power amplifier. The three-channel amplifier features three distinct volume controls, electronic crossover with equalization and a VCA compressor. The circuitry is designed and fine-tuned to integrate all components for the best possible sound. There is no need to finesse settings on a crossover or compressor to make your system sound great. Simply roll the system into place on its heavy duty casters, plug in the AC, connect the two speaker cables, run two XLR cables to your mixer and you’re ready to go!


Suggested Applications
Mobile DJ • Karaoke • Nightclub, Restaurant, Bar Installation • Corporate Audio / Video n Home Entertainment System • Live Sound System • Stage Monitoring System • Booth Monitoring System n Drum Monitoring

V2 Upgrades: The Best Gets Better

• A new high-performance compression driver for a smoother frequency
response and lower distortion throughout the upper midrange frequencies.
• A new elliptical wave guide with more uniform dispersion.
• The addition of a voltage controlled amplifier (VCA) on all three amplifier channels to minimize the effects of amplifier clipping. This lowers the maximum distortion produced at VERY high drive levels and offers additional
protection for the speaker components.
• More durable FREE dust cover.
• Improved B-52 handles.

Stack, Rock and Roll

To transport the MATRIX-1000 V2, simply set the subwoofer on its casters and place the satellite speakers on to the subwoofer’s front panel, facing down. Fasten the satellites with the included locking strap using the handles on either side of the subwoofer cabinet. Place the included cover over the entire system and you’re ready to move the MATRIX-1000 V2 with ease.

10” Two-Way SatellitesPole Mountable, Flyable Or Angled For Use As Stage Monitors

The MATRIX-1000 V2 satellites are loaded with a custom designed 10” speaker and 1” titanium diaphragm compression driver. The “horn” is a 900 by 600 elliptical waveguide that can be rotated 900 to optimize the dispersion pattern to best suit your particular application. These versatile speakers are pole-mountable and can sit as stage monitors. They also include internal 3/8” – 16tpi flying hardware for small venue permanent installations. The rounded front of the satellite speaker is a perfect fit for the convex face of the subwoofer, allowing a mobile entertainer to stack, roll and transport the entire MATRIX-1000 V2 in and out of a venue in record time.

Built-in 700-watt three-channel amplifier

The 15” subwoofer enclosure has two separate compartments. The front chamber serves as the cabinet for the custom B-52 15” subwoofer. The rear chamber houses all of the MATRIX-1000 V2’s electronic circuitry. This includes a 400-watt amplifier for the subwoofer, 2 x 150-watt amplifiers for the satellites, electronic crossover, VCA compressor, electronic equalization, pre-amp and power supply.

Amplifier Specifications
Subwoofer Amp Output:
Satellite Amp Output:
Line in:
Parallel out:
Input Impedance:
Speaker Out:
Crossover Frequency:
400 Watts
2 x 150 Watts
XLR Female
XLR Male
48 k Ohms
Speakon-style Connector
120 Hz; 24 dB / Octave
10" Two-Way Specifications
Speaker Input:
LF/MF Woofer:
HF Driver:
HF Dispersion:
Nominal Impedance:
Active Freq. Response:
Crossover Freq. (passive):
SPL (1w/1m):
Max. SPL:
Dimensions (Upright):

Speakon-style connector (pin 1+ = +, pin 1- = -)
10” Custom-built Transducer
1” Titanium Diaphragm on Elliptical Wave Guide
90° x 60° (upright)
8 Ohms
120 – 19K Hz +/- 3dB
2.5k Hz; 12 dB / Octave
101 dB (half space)
124 dB
30 lbs
19” (H) x 12” (W) x 11” (D)
Subwoofer Specifications
Nominal Impedance:
Sub. Freq. Response:
SPL (1w/1m):
Max. SPL:
Dimensions (Transit):

15” Custom-built Subwoofer
8 Ohms
40 Hz – 120 Hz +/- 3dB
102 dB (half space)
127 dB
120 lbs
28” (H) x 19” (W) x 23” (D)
Complete System
Dimensions (Transit):

180 lbs
39” (H) x 19” (W) x 23” (D)
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