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Guitar Amplification

Architectural Systems
Compact Full Range Systems

PA-212 12" Two-Way
PA-215 15" Two-Way
PA-315 15" Three-Way

B-52’s compact full-range Systems are the ultimate solution for mid-sized venues where maximum output is essential but spacial constraints are a factor. These systems are designed specifically for permanent installations in discotheques, churches, theme parks, corporate audio-visual or live sound applications. Each speaker is built for maximum SPL and sound clarity with a focus on both on-axis and off-axis coverage. All three compact and powerful models are optimized for mid/high frequency definition and a rich full-range response.
Large Full Range Systems

PA-15X 15" Two-Way
PA-1515X Dual 15" Two-Way

The PA-15X and PA-1515X are designed for the largest of venues where touring sound performance, immense power handling and strong, yet accurate projection is essential. Each speaker is designed to reproduce live sound and music replay with absolute sonic accuracy. They offer high-power, full-fidelity and an extended low-frequency response. Both models feature 4” voice-coiled loudspeakers and 2” exit titanium diaphragm compression drivers, which produce accurate mids and highs with solid projection and clarity.
Stage Monitors

PA-MN 12 12" Stage Monitor
PA-MN 15X 15" Stage Monitor

The PA-MN 12 and PA-MN 15X are dedicated stage monitors with a cabinet shape that provides dual sitting positions for either close or medium-distance monitoring. Their compact size makes them perfect for performers that are reluctant to share the limelight with oversized monitors.

Large Venue Subwoofers
PA-18S 18" Passive Subwoofer
PA-1818S Passive Dual 18" Subwoofer
B-52’s direct radiating subwoofers are built for the largest of venues, where touring performance, immense power handling and thunderous bass is essential. The B-52 18-220S subwoofer is designed to withstand a tremendous amount of abuse such as amplifier clipping and overpowering, without failure. These subwoofers are mechanically engineered as true “subwoofers” in that they will naturally roll-off at 160 Hz even with a full-range signal. An electronic crossover is recommended.
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